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First name 

Last name 
"This letter is in reference to"
"This serves as a letter of reference for"
"I am pleased to write this letter of recommendation for"
"It is a genuine pleasure and honor for me to recommend"
Your connection
You know him from (name of company)
where you
supervised him
worked with him
for  years
in the  Department
He held
just one position
two positions
three or more positions
His starting position was 
His ending position (if different) was
During your years together you
"spent considerable time with him"
"like many others in the department came to know and appreciate him"
"interacted frequently with him and depended on him"
"respected him and admired his many valuable qualities"
His strengths include
dedicated to the work at hand
people oriented
goal centered
team player
thrives under adversity
conscious of the bottom line
customer focused
efficient in his work
driven by quality
Why he's available
he desires to learn and grow further
he was let go due to cost cutting
because a reorganization occurred
he needed to relocate
because of family matters
Position you'd recommend him for
anything pertaining to
a management position in
a supervisory position in
a technical position in
select occupational field 
or leave blank and enter a field 


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